We’re hurting for the broken hearts of Winterfell

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This post contains spoilers.

A lot of hearts were broken in Sunday’s emotional episode ofGame of Thrones.

In the calm after last week’s heart-pounding battle, the heroes of HBO’s beloved series reached King’s Landing. Before they exchanged what looked to be their final words with Cersei, however, several beloved characters saw their romantic dreams dashed.

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Fans finally got to see a long-desired relationship come to fruition in Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, only to have it snatched away moments later. Gendry became a lordtherefore fully qualified to marry a ladyonly to realize he could never have a future with Arya. And Tormund. Poor, lusty Tormund never had a chance with Brienne.

With all the heartsick characters roaming around onGame of Thrones, memers had plenty of material to work with.

The Brienne memes mostly just made us sad all over again.

They’d better fix this from GameOfThronesMemes

Everyone after Jaime leaves Brienne: from GameOfThronesMemes

Oh no from GameOfThronesMemes

The Gendry memes were a bit harsh if you ask me, and were full of “friend zone” jokes.

Getting shot down hard from GameOfThronesMemes

He shot his shot tho. Respect. from GameOfThronesMemes

Not today gendry :’c from GameOfThronesMemes