George Michaels sister found dead on Christmas Day

Death of Melanie Panayiotou not being treated as suspicious, say police George Michaels sister Melanie Panayiotou was found dead at her home on Christmas Day, police have said, three years to the day since the Big Issue, Panayiotou talked about the romantic comedy Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

The best of the Long Read in 2019

Our 20 favourite pieces of the year Death on demand: has euthanasia gone too far? Christopher de Bellaigue Countries around the world are making it easier to choose the time and manner of your death. But doctors in the worlds euthanasia capital are starting to worry about the consequences. For five years we dreaded every meal: my infant sons struggle with food Tahmima Anam After her son was born prematurely, Tahmima Anam thought the worst was behind her. But when he was allowed to come home two months later, a new problem emerged: he refused to eat. Who killed the prime minister? The unsolved murder that still haunts Sweden Imogen West-Knights Three decades ago, Olof Palme was assassinated on Stockholms …

Princess Diana was set to star in sequel to The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner

Actor has confirmed the late Princess of Wales was keen to play role after conversations instigated by Sarah Ferguson Kevin Costner has confirmed that the late Princess of Wales was set to star alongside him in a sequel to 1992 hit The Bodyguard, in which he starred as an agent assigned to protect a pop star played by Whitney Houston. Speaking to turned into a stage musical in 2012, and is still running in Londons West End. Houston died suddenly in 2012, drowning in the bath after a long history with drink and drugs.

The great green expansion: how ring-necked parakeets took over London

Was Jimi Hendrix responsible for the bright-green tropical birds presence in the capital? Or was it Katharine Hepburn? Electric Ladyland wasnt the only thing Jimi Hendrix released in 1968. One day in that tumultuous year he left his flat on Brook Street, Mayfair, and strolled down nearby Carnaby Street with a birdcage in his hands. I like to think that he was dressed in a tasselled jacket and flares, his favourite Fender Stratocaster slung across his back. Or perhaps he travelled incognito, in a trenchcoat and dark glasses. Either way, somewhere on that street, the heart of Swinging London at the height of peace and love, he opened the door of the cage and unleashed two bright green birds: Adam …