Justin & Hailey Bieber Share Intimate Moments In Music Video For New Country Crossover! – Perez Hilton

Just call him Lil Jus B! Cuz Justin Bieber is going country, y’all!

Out just in time for wedding season, per Justin’s Instagram post — though ironically not in time for his own — the romantic 10,000 Hours is surely going to find its way onto reception playlists across the country… no pun intended.

Along with duo Dan + Shay, Bieber is taking his first step into a larger world — but will the country crooner label stick? Or is this just a one-night-stand type crossover?

If it is, it’s a memorable one — a ménage à six!

Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, and the Biebs — who all wrote the song together by the way — recruited their romantic partners for the music video. Throughout the vid, they serenade their significant others both in private, and in front of one another.

The three-couples-in-a-room stuff is pretty awk, but seeing Justin and Hailey just being their real loved up selves, the same week as their wedding ceremony no less, is pretty exhilarating.

Ch-ch-check out the video for 10,000 Hours (below)!

[Image via Justin Bieber/YouTube.]

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