38 Things From The Past That Did Not Age Well (New Pics)

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The future turned out a whole lot differently than people expected. For example, Simon Newcomb, a Canadian-American astronomer and mathematician, said: “Flight by machines heavier than air is unpractical and insignificant, if not utterly impossible.” 18 months later, the Wright Brothers flew a Kittyhawk. To prove that you can’t reallyknow what’s going to happen, Bored Panda has compiled a list of things that seemed OK at the time, but have become ridiculously absurd. Like, diet candy AYDS. Or acceptance speeches thanking Harvey Weinstein. Scroll down to check out the entries and if they’re not enough, fire up Bored Panda‘s earlier compilation of 30 Posts From The Past That Did Not Age Well.


Looking at the past in good on a personal level, too. “Self-Reflective Awareness (SRA) is a ‘meta-cognitive’ ability, meaning that it involves thinking about and reflecting on one’s own mental processes,” Gregg Henriques, Ph.D., wrote. “Someone with good SRA is able to generate a narrative of self that is complex, clear, and multifaceted and is able to communicate that narrative in a way that allows others a much better understanding of where one is coming from.”

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There are a number of different facets to SRA, including knowingnow your family story and developmental history, understanding your needs, motivations, and emotions, understanding your defenses and how you handle criticism, understanding your strengths, and weakneses, understanding your beliefs/values and worldview, knowing your pupose in life and how you make meaning, knowing how others see you, knowing the ‘cultural bubble’ that you live in. Exploring these areas can dramatically increase the results of one’s self-reflection.

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This may all sound very complex, but, at its simplest, reflection is about careful thought. It gives the brain an opportunity to pause, untangle and sort through observations and experiences, consider multiple possible interpretations, and create meaning. And every little bit counts. Research by Giada Di Stefano, Francesca Gino, Gary Pisano, and Bradley Staats in call centers showed that employees who spent 15 minutes at the end of the day reflecting about what they learned performed 23% better after 10 days than those who didn’t.






“Going through old slides and found this eerily prophetic pic of my brother, captured late summer 2000”







The episode of Seinfeld where Elaine is dating a guy who shares a name with a murderer. He keeps getting mistaken for him so she gets him to change his name. She picks up a sports magazine and is trying to find a name for him in there, and comes up with “OJ” (Simpson, she was referring to). The episode was from 93, the murders happened 94.



All the acceptance speeches thanking Weinstein






There was an interview with Kevin spacey working with kids and he said he was always looking for the shy kid in the corner.


The Edmonton Swastikas, a Canadian girls’ hockey team. c. 1916



Illustration form a Mad Magazine 30 years ago


The food pyramid



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The Japanese landlord in Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Those shareable Facebook posts saying you are legally proclaiming that Facebook can’t use your personal information





Jared Fogle’s Subway ads


The whole “cousins” thing they pulled in the english dub of Sailor Moon back in the day with Haruka and Michiru (named “Amara” and “Michelle” in the dub), who were originally written as a lesbian couple.

I know that lesbian couples in a kid’s show would have been a big deal at the time that it came out, but looking back now, they really did a piss-poor job at trying to make their relationship not seem romantic while also claiming they were related



Older tv shows that joke about psychologists and don’t take them seriously. I’m looking at you Gilmore Girls

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